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  • Give your customers an alternative quick & easy feedback solution

  • Gain crucial information about customer experiences

  • Honest & confidential reviews for you to build a stronger business

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86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience

by 2020, customer experience will overtake price & product as the key brand differentiator



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of customers don't give honest feedback when asked face-to-face


of customers prefer to 'vote with their feet' if there's no other easy outlet for their views


of customers don't  give feedback on social media as they see it as unfair on businesses


critiQuie resolves all of these issues for you & your customers
'If issues are resolved quickly & efficiently, 95% of unhappy customers return back to your business'
Honest Feedback Makes a Difference
the critiQuie solution can be customised to fit any business, any industry, any environment & any situation
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Peter Ducker | Chief Executive

Institute of Hospitality

We are proud to support critiQuie in their ventures, as we understand that their mission fundamentally is to help businesses communicate better with their customers and improve their experience.  The critiQuie solution is innovative, engaging, and easy for our Members to use and indeed provides useful feedback data for our Events Team.  I am pleased to have them as an Institute Business Partner.

Steve McDonagh | Partner


‘Previously we were getting feedback via notes, calls to the office and the odd email, all of which made understanding client satisfaction a “black art”. Since using critiQuie we have been able to get a much better perspective from our customers on our Dental restorations,  the deliveries and our staff, all centrally tracked, analysed and displayed which has proven invaluable.

Because the critiQuie solution is integrated into our online job management system, we can see precisely if any jobs are dropping below par and understand why, plus spot trends and more importantly have good open dialogue with our customers.

Since using the critiQuie service we have seen our quality rise and client retention increase.’

Jane Pendlebury

Chief Executive | HOSPA

HOSPA has gained valuable insight into our members' opinions through using critiQuies feedback solution. Our delegates respond quickly because it is so easy for them. Gathering their thoughts ensures we plan our meeting topics to meet their needs exactly. The simplicity of the critiQuie feedback solution keeps response rates high (especially when compared to the post event surveys that we have previously used). The results are presented graphically with delegate comments clearly reported.

It's great to work with the team at critiQuie as they are passionate about both hospitality and business improvement giving us the opportunity to understand our members better. I can see their solution working well in so many environments where customer views are crucial to success.

Lorraine Wood |Director


I've had the pleasure of working with critiQuie using their "Insight" feedback solution for over a year.

The data and analysis we gain from their service is greatly valued. It's used at board level to evaluate the success of our events. We can very quickly and easily see the delegate experience, then make any necessary tweaks to ensure future events continue to be current, useful and well attended.

Because our members find it so quick and easy to use, we often find plenty of comments are given. These can range from further explanation of their feedback to suggestions on alternatives or proposed improvement. critiQuie "Insight" solution really does give us an invaluable view into our attendees and their thoughts about how we interact with them.

The solution is so agile we can literally make alterations to any feedback requirements on the fly, which can be highly useful if the agenda changes at short notice.

It's a pleasure working with the critiQuie team, they're great at what they do, they truly want to bring businesses and consumers together and in doing so bring great value to both.


critiQuie is a great service and one that, whatever industry you're in, will bring huge benefits.