Simplifying Your CQC Compliance Reviews with our 'Insight' Tool


Simplifying Your CQC Compliance Reviews with our 'Insight' Tool


'Off-the-Shelf' Or Customised Feedback Templates. Contact us to find out more.


CQC 'KLOES' Evidencing Template

Ensure you receive all the feedback you need to cover your annual CQC inspection. This includes templates for completion by your:
residents, their families, your service providers and your staff.
As well as access to your 'insight' portal for data analysis and reporting.


24/365 Template

This template ensures you receive feedback whenever anyone wants to share their views with you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Care Home Tour Template

Our Care Home Tour template allows you to take feedback from the tours you carry out within your care home for prospective clients. It provides quantitative data so you know what's working well and what you need to act on so you can continue to high occupancy.


HR / Staff Template

The HR / Staff template ensures you gather feedback from your staff throughout the year. The template can also be used for 360 reviews, Exit reviews and much more.

About EzCQC

Use our simple feedback solution to ensure you gain analysed data and reports for your CQC inspection.

CQC want so much evidence from homes to gain a 'Good' or 'Outstanding' rating - Gathering feedback is a vital part of this. EzCQC asks the right questions to meet the 'KLOEs'.

Not only this but it does this in a quick & easy format, and is set-up to be used by residents, families, advocates, service providers and staff.

Getting feedback from professionals can be difficult as they are so busy. Being able to email them a  link for feedback which is so simple and, more importantly, quick to fill out is a priority.

EzCQC takes care of the feedback part of your KLOEs and gathers it all in one place for you to take action where needed.

Solution & Services

Templates to cover all your feedback needs:

Accessible for all your residents, staff, and service providers
We go one step further to make it simpler, easier and quicker for you to meet the CQC requirements & KLOEs. Using our tool to gain the data you need to back-up an 'outstanding' rating is just what you need, and now it's available at a click of a button, all the data analysed and delivered in a report which can be handed to your CQC inspector with no extra effort from you or your team.

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