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We Stand Against Bullying. We want to help stop bullying in the workplace. 

A quarter of employees think issues like bullying and harassment are swept under the carpet in their organisation, while 15% of workers have experienced bullying first hand in the last three years.

Source - Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) 


We don't think that's good enough. 


Workplace bullying ruins livelihoods, it causes homelessness, long term mental and physical health issues and, at its worst, it can even take lives. 

If you care about your people, and you want to be sure that they feel safe at work, we want to help. 


Before you can start to combat bullying, you need to know if it is a problem in your organisation. We've partnered with Think Wow and using our platform we help you ask the questions that really matter.​

Eliminate the fear of speaking out with our 100% anonymous assessment tool

Understand how your employees feel about bullying

Learn how much your team trusts you to take action against bullying

Highlight any areas you need to work on

Receive a free report showing how your staff feel, how you compare to similar industries, and what you can do to improve​

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